The Pokemon anime has evolved far and wide, expanding its selection of techniques along the way. The reality is that Pokemon have to battle each other to be the best. Trainers toss their Pokemon into battle, and battles are won by choosing the best techniques.

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Water Pokemon are a peculiar bunch, given that they don’t have to be in the water. Unlike fish, Water-type Pokemon can fight on land but still deliver powerful Water-type moves. The Water-type is super effective against types like Rock, Fire, and Ground. Ranked by combat power, these are the best Water moves in Pokemon.

Updated on November 22, 2022, by Suzail Ahmad: Water-type Pokemon are one of the most loved types in the Pokemon series. Ever since the first set of games came out, Water-type Pokemon can be found in abundance. In the last few years, Game Freak has made it a point to release new Pokemon games every year. While it is definitely a great initiative, it does tend to cause problems because the games tend to have multiple glitches and other issues. However, many fans overlook these problems because they get to try new Pokemon and their new moves. With Pokemon Scarlet and Violet releasing recently, players are already looking for the best Water-type moves that they can teach their Water-type Pokemon or another Pokemon that could benefit from learning one.


24/24 Brine

Brine attack in Pokemon

Brine is a powerful move that was introduced in Generation IV. It has 65 power and 100% accuracy. At the first glance, Brine doesn’t seem to be impressive at all, but depending on the HP of the opponent, it can cause serious damage.

If the opponent’s HP falls below 50% during a battle, the power of Brine is doubled, and it becomes a whopping 130, which is enough to end the fight. The move is learned by some Pokemon as they level up while others can learn it via a TM.

23/24 Liquidation

Whiscash using Liquidation

Liquidation is one of the few attacks that hit the opponent with a great deal of damage. It has a power of 85, and it can be used ten times in a battle. In addition to its steady damage, the move has 100 accuracy, which means it rarely misses the target.

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Liquidation also has a low chance of decreasing the defense of the opposing Pokemon by one stage. This could come in handy in some situations, but more often than not, it will just deal physical damage, which is why most players will be looking at other attacks to teach their Pokemon. However, it is still a good choice for players, who are looking to play it safe. The move can be learned by leveling up and by using TR 98 on one’s Pokemon.

22/24 Bouncy Bubble

Eevee using Bouncy Bubble

Bouncy Bubble is not a name that a player would expect to be actually good, but somehow it is. The move was introduced in Pokemon: Let’s Go, Pikachu!, and Let’s Go, Eevee! The move has a power of 90 and 100% accuracy. The move definitely deals a lot of damage, but the thing that makes it truly special is that it heals the user by 50% of the damage dealt to the opponent.

This move does have a catch as it can only be learned by the partner Eevee in the games. The players will have to go to the Move Tutor, who will teach the move to Eevee. Unfortunately, in the subsequent generations, this move has been severely nerfed. Bouncy Bubble is described in Pokemon Sword and Shield as follows: “This move can’t be used. It’s recommended that this move is forgotten. Once forgotten, this move can’t be remembered.”

21/24 Muddy Water

Swampert using Muddy Water

There is no shortage of powerful Water-type attacks in the game, and many of them can take out an opponent in a single hit. Needless to say, Muddy Water is one of the moves that a player can use to turn the tide of the battle in their favor.

The move was introduced in Generation III, and it has a power of 90, but a rather low accuracy of 85%. Given the power of the attack, the trade-off is understandable. Aside from dealing heavy damage to an opponent, Muddy Water can cause their accuracy to drop. This can come in handy in several situations and annoy the competitor as they will be unable to land a strike on the player’s Pokemon.

20/24 Hidden Power (Water)

hidden power pokemon anime

While Hidden Power is a special attack move with only 60 power, it has 100 Accuracy and can be learned by a staggering amount of Pokemon. The main appeal of the move is that it can come in the form of any type in the game.

This means that if a player is concocting a strategy and they really want a certain Pokemon to have access to a Water-type move but that Pokemon normally doesn’t have access to one, Hidden Power’s Water-type variant can do the trick!

19/24 Waterfall

pokemon waterfall shield

When it comes to reliable physical Water-type moves, Waterfall is the gold standard. With 100 accuracy and 80 Power, Waterfall has a 20% chance of causing its target to flinch, increasing its already above-average value.

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Perfect on high-attack Water-types like Mega-Swampert, this is an attack that offers very little risk and simply offers a chance of being yet even more useful through its flinch chance!

18/24 Aqua Jet

aqua jet pokemon anime

Quick Attack and other priority attacks like it are often overlooked due to their low damage output. However, once an opposing Pokemon’s HP has been whittled down, the likes of these moves can be used to reliably take such Pokemon out of commission.

With 100 Accuracy, Aqua Jet is a fast-acting priority move that allows its user to act first, dealing 40 power and allowing Water-types to deal additional STAB damage.

17/24 Water Shuriken

water shuriken pokemon shield

Only learnable by Greninja and Accelgor, Water Shuriken is essentially a more powerful version of Aqua Jet.

While it has a lower base power than Aqua Jet, only having 15 Power, once used, the move hits a target between two and five times. Additionally, if this move is used by an Ash-Greninja with the Battle Bond ability, the move’s power is raised to 20, making it all the more potent.

16/24 Rain Dance

rain dance pokemon

Rain Dance is easily the most underrated and slept-on Water-Type move in Pokemon history. While the move doesn’t directly deal damage, it causes it to rain, it causes Water-type moves to deal 50% more damage while fire-type moves deal 50% less.

Additionally, when raining, the normally inaccurate moves Thunder and Hurricane automatically hit their targets. As if this weren’t enough, Pokemon with the somewhat common Swift Swim ability have their speed greatly increased in the rain. If a player consciously factors in every effect of the rain, entire competitively viable teams can be built around getting the most out of the rain.

15/24 Splishy Splash

Although Pikachu uses a combination of water and electricity when dealing damage with Splishy Splash, it is a Water-type move. This move was introduced in Let’s Go, Pikachu! and Let’s Go, Eevee! It is one of Pikachu’s signature moves in the game.

With 100% accuracy and 90 power, Splishy Splash is one of the most effective Water-type moves yet. The move is capable of leaving an opponent with paralysis, and it is learned by visiting the Move Tutor in Fuchsia City’s Pokemon Center.

14/24 Aqua Tail

Introduced in Generation IV, the generation containing Pokemon Platinum, Aqua Tail is one of the most powerful water moves. Its high damage-dealing, combined with no secondary effects, means that players can focus on defeating opponents without setbacks.

Aqua Tail is a learned move, but it can’t be taught by TM. It’s one of the few moves in the game that doesn’t have a TM. The animation of Aqua Tail shows its user flailing their tail, creating a vortex of water that splashes an opponent.

13/24 Surf

Formerly HM 03 in the Pokemon game series, Surf has changed into TM94. The introduction of Ride Pokemon to the game series made HMs obsolete, which is why TMs now have infinite uses. For those who are lucky enough to have grown up during Pokemon‘s heydays, the loss of HMs was a big deal.

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The game’s puzzle-solving and progression revolved around HMs, but now players can enjoy moves like Surf for its combat power. Surf has 90 combat power making it a detrimental move for its user’s foe.

12/24 Snipe Shot

Some pesky Pokemon can avoid the full effects of incoming attacks with certain moves or abilities, but Inteleon is able to snipe right through those defenses. While it isn’t quite overpowered enough to go through something like Protect or Substitute, abilities like Storm Drain or moves like Follow Me that draw in attacks will be utterly useless.

Even if the opponent isn’t using any of these, a base 80 power, 100% accuracy, and a high critical hit ratio make for an extremely solid option in most situations. This is a move exclusive to Inteleon, making it a fearsome fighter.

11/24 Crabhammer

Before Generation III, this move was exclusive to Krabby and Kingler as a signature move. Understanding a signature move is accomplished by comparing Pokemon to WWE. A Pokemon’s signature move is unique to its user, and it often inflicts high damage.

Crabhammer has a combat power of 100 and an accuracy rating of 90%. It’s worth noting that Crabhammer has a boosted critical hit ratio, which deals nearly double the amount of damage. Being attacked with a giant pincer couldn’t be a good feeling.

10/24 Steam Eruption

Due to their erratic nature, the most powerful Water-type moves have lower accuracy than their weaker counterparts. Steam Eruption is an example of a move with high accuracy and high combat power. It has an accuracy rating of 95% and a whopping combat power of 110.

According to the Pokemon X and Y description of Steam Eruption, “The user immerses the target in superheated steam. This may also leave the target with a burn.” A Water-type move that is so hot that it burns its target is assuredly devastating.

9/24 G-Max Foam Burst

Sword & Shield‘s new Gigantamax forms introduced the world to G-Max moves exclusive to these giant Pokemon. Kingler has an exclusive move of its own in the form of G-Max Foam Burst, and while it doesn’t get as much mileage on Kingler as it would with other Pokemon, it’s still a fantastic attack.

This powerful aquatic attack has a 100% chance to lower the foe’s Speed on top of dealing a good amount of damage. A guaranteed way to lower an opponent’s Speed is always a huge plus, especially to assist Pokemon that don’t quite have what it takes to make the track team.

8/24 Origin Pulse

Origin Pulse has an astonishing combat power of 85% and a power of 110%. The damage of Origin Pulse can be boosted when a Pokemon has the ability Mega Launcher. The only Pokemon who can wield the power of the Origin Pulse technique is Kyogre. Kyogre learns the move naturally when it reaches level 45.

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According to the Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire description of Origin Pulse, “The user attacks opposing Pokemon with countless beams of light that glow a deep and brilliant blue.”

7/24 Hydro Pump

This Water-type move was introduced in the first generation of Pokemon. It launches a wide stream of water at its opponent. The amount of force behind this move gives it a high combat power.

With 110 combat power and 80% accuracy, it is a move that can get Pokemon out of inhospitable circumstances. The move only has 5 Power Points (PP), which is why it should only be used when needed. Unless trainers carry Ethers or Elixers, Hydro Pump should be selected against the most fierce foes.

6/24 Water Spout

Getting into wet territory with some of Pokemon‘s most powerful moves, Water Spout’s base combat power is forty more than Hydro Pump. However, it comes with a catch. The actual power of Water Spout can be explained with a formula.

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It is 150 multiplied by current HP and divided by maximum HP. The more HP the user has, the more damage they inflict on an opponent. Water Spout is commonly used by Pokemon like Wailmer, Wailord, Kyogre, Frillish, and Jellicent.

5/24 Scald

Ever since the fifth generation, Scald has been an absolute staple in competitive Pokemon for the sheer versatility that this move has. It has a base power of 80, an accuracy of 100, a 30% chance to burn foes, and will thaw out the user if they happen to be frozen.

Not only is burn a very tough status ailment to deal with, as it deals damage over time, but it also halves the damage of physical attacks used by the afflicted Pokemon. Tanky water types absolutely love this move, as it’s a great attack in just about every way.

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